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L'Oreal Top Coat Flower Boheme In Coachella

I have L'Oreal Top Coat Flower Boheme in shade Coachella. The bottle is 5 ml, it's not that small. For example, Mavala nail polishes are all 5 ml. And a single Mavala bottle lasts all summer even if you use it both for your manicure and pedicure. So I think this L'Oreal top coat will last for at least several months.

Sometimes you don't want that cute flower-shaped glitter on every nail - it may be more sweet and girly than you currently prefer. And you can easily avoid it, just use some other glitter particles that cling to the brush.

The flowers tend to fall on the bottom of the bottle, but it's not that hard to fish them if you want one (or a couple) on a particular nail.

I love how the top coat looks on the red nail polish. These white flowers, aww! They remind me of the oriental silk fabric my mother had years ago. It was sheen bright red with lots of dainty white flowers. And with the top coat the pedicure looks exactly like that gorgeous fabric.

BTW, my toes are not dirty - just tan lines, LOL. I frequently wear strappy sandals this summer. And these white flowers do look amazing with them.

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