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Multi-purpose contouring product: Essence I love nude eyeshadow 05 my favorite tauping

Hi everyone!
Sometimes I feel that we, pale girls, are outcasts for beauty industry. 
-      I’d like to buy some really fair powders, cream or liquid foundations to match my pale complexion. And I’d prefer it neutral, without pink or yellow undertones, please.
-      Erm, no, sorry. Nothing like that. 
So it’s no wonder we also don’t have a contouring product for really pale girls.
*I know, I know, NYX Powder Blush in Taupe is very popular and many bloggers recommend it. But the shade doesn’t suit very pale people. Lucky you if it does for your complexion – so much easier to find it. Blogger Petra from Slovenia already posted some swatches and compared 3 products including NYX, it is very helpful.

Recently I watched Nikki’s videos, and she used Illamasqua eyeshadow in Heroine. And I was like  - of course, I can use a grey-ish matte eyeshadow as a contouring product! 
I don’t have any Illamasqua corners nearby, so I’ve decided to start a research with some other brands.
Aaand in the first shop I immediately found Essence baked eyeshadow. It is from limited edition collection which is called ‘I love nude’.

‘05 my favorite tauping’ has slightly (slightly!) satin finish. It IS great for contouring, but also it is a very nice eyeshadow for pale skin tones. You can do transition for darker/brighter colors and nude eye makeup. It can help you make natural-looking depth in the socket lines if you have hooded lids. And it lasts all day.
1 layer of eyeshadow on the left, 2 layers on the right.

The texture of the product is soft and silky. It blends easily.

I’d say it’s a great deal – you get both contouring powder and wearable eyeshadow for a very moderate price. I got mine with discount, I think it was about 3
The weight is 1,8 grams, I think it will last for up to a year if you use it daily only for contouring. I've already bought a second package ))

*It seems the rest five shades from ‘I love nude’ collection are nothing special. Except shade 01, which is somewhat between satin and subtle shimmer, they all have shimmer. Though the quality is really good. They are way better than Essence’s permanent collection. If you don’t have similar colors, try them. 
Probably I’ll buy shade 06 coffee bean, cause *gasp* it seems I don’t have cool-toned shimmery brown! Only matte brown.

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